Petka Pušnjak in Pušnjak d.n.o. is an accounting firm that offers our clients comprehensive treatment and resolution of tax, statutory and other issues. We are aware of importance and responsibility of the accountant, bookkeeper and tax consultant professions, so we handle it with all precision, consistency and responsibility. We are also aware of the importance of understanding tax regulations , which is why we want to bring them closer to our customers and why we supplement our knowledge with education, which is an essential prerequisite for business quality. Our Customer Satisfaction shows the hard work and strategy we have outlined, giving us the confidence of a wide range of customers.

Petka računovodstvo - zgodovina

Our History

Our tax story began fifteen years ago, in 2002, in school benches. Five young and hopeful girls eager of fiscal knowledge decided to enter the world of taxes, calculations, endless regulations and laws.

Petka računovodstvo - Zgodba

Our Story

This is a story about 5ka, about the accounting firm that provides accounting and bookkeeping services, tax consulting in cooperation with tax advisers and an integrated treatment of entrepreneurial guidance.

Vizija - Računovodstvo Petka - partnerji

Our Vision

Our vision is a company with long-term business relationships and partnership relations in the field of accounting and entrepreneurship, which with its knowledge and quality services meets the tax regulations of the present and the future.

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Summer vacation

This is to inform you that due to annual leave, I will be away for the period from 12th August 2017 to 21st August 2017. During this time, you can …